CGC Conference

2023 Conference:

 Through the Margins: Amplification and Mobilization 

18th Annual Communication Graduate Caucus Conference

March 2-3, 2023 | Virtual and Synchronous via Zoom, with closing events in-person at Carleton University

The 2023 conference theme considers “marginalization” as a keyword, seeking to interrogate multiple entryways to unpack its emergent meanings and its various forms in academic work. Some of the most urgent social challenges brought on by the past decade, such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the forced displacement of millions due to war, health, and sexual identity, have brought existing problems of inequality, inequity, and privilege to the surface. Activism and resistance have also become more amplified in the media in recent years, while “anti” groups have spread mis/disinformation amid far-right media ecosystems. The conference theme encourages scholars to consider what the margins are, where they are found, how they are drawn, and what it means to exist through them and to understand social crises through this lens. Whose voices and actions are amplified in the media, and whose are silenced? What is the role of media and communication in facilitating the counter-hegemonic practices of the margins, and what subcultural or substructural voices exist within your own research? What emerging and existing methodologies and theories are present in communication research, and how might these be challenged? What kinds of mobilizations have emerged in recent years and what role have media played in these? When we examine global crises through the margins, what comes to the surface?

Panels may include:

  • Feminist, queer, critical race, Indigenous, and intersectional perspectives,
  • Innovative theories and methodologies that challenge the status quo,
  • The far-right media ecosystem and the spread of mis/disinformation amid “anti” movements,
  • Media coverage, framing, and discourse around current global crises, including work that examines challenges around inequity and inequality,
  • and more!

with Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Faiza Hirji, McMaster University

Dr. Siobhan Angus, Carleton University

And a special roundtable facilitated by Carleton University’s Communication and Media Studies Anti-Racism committee.

Part of the FPA Research Series Winter 2022 – #FPAResearchSeries

Hande Uz Ozcan, Claudia Gleason, Jenny Kliever & Sarina McGillivray

CGC 2022-2023 Conference Committee


About the CGC Conference

Hosted at Carleton University in Ottawa, the CGC Conference is one of the longest running graduate conferences in Canada, attracting student researchers of all disciplines from across the country. The theme of the conference varies year-to-year to accommodate a variety of topics related to the field of communications. Past conference keynote speakers include:

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