CGC Conference


15th Annual Communication Graduate Caucus Conference
February 27-28, 2020 | Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

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What are we bound by? Whether physical, social, cultural, geographical, or political confinements, we routinely encounter boundaries which communication and media cut and cross. While it is a truism that culture and communication inevitably overlap, critical approaches to media studies should interrogate the erosion of clear boundaries between historically demarcated categories, such as: local/global, nature/culture, private/public, and human/non-human. The study of communication and media requires that we confront boundaries – those related to academic disciplines, methodological approaches, and objects of analysis – and question their significance in how we understand our discipline. Are there breaking points, transgressions, leakages, or liminality along the edges of communities or objects? How do we move beyond them?

Beyond Boundaries, the 15th annual Communication Graduate Caucus (CGC) Conference, invites explorations of the ways that communication and media cross social, political, technical, and cultural boundaries. Communication studies often grafts on, collaborates, and cross-pollinates, and we thus encourage research that steps outside or extends research domains and practices. We are particularly interested in insights which examine boundaries as sites of struggle and encourage submissions that focus on practices, communities, objects, bodies of knowledge, or activities that are often ignored, violated, invisible, or deleted due to the presence of boundaries.

Beyond Boundaries is pleased to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. Bobby Benedicto, Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University. Dr. Benedicto’s research re-examines long-held associations at the intersections of queer theory, critical race theory, urban studies, and theories of death and temporality. His current book project “Fatal Sex” highlights cross-disciplinary work that breaks down boundaries by connecting an archive of aesthetic and cultural practices to stage an encounter between psychoanalytic and necropolitical accounts.


Anna Hum, Sarah MacLean & Stephan Struve
2019-2020 CGC Conference Co-Chairs, Carleton University

About the CGC Conference

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Hosted at Carleton University in Ottawa, the CGC Conference is one of the longest running graduate conferences in Canada, attracting student researchers of all disciplines from across the country. The theme of the conference varies year-to-year to accommodate a variety of topics related to the field of communications. Past conference keynote speakers include:

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